The Coziest Cat You’ll See Online This Week

The Coziest Cat You’ll See Online This Week

"Musings - plural noun - a period of reflection or thought." - Oxford Languages

I've always found sharing my thoughts to be a rewarding therapeutic output for me. Writing has always been one of my creative outlets for well over a decade both personally and professionally. While this hobby of mine has evolved over the years, starting as a blog back in the late 2000's, then becoming my Twitter and Facebook feeds, I am hopeful this latest transformation into a newsletter becomes the one that continues to stick with me for years to come.  

I am looking forward to this new format allowing me to refine what used to be a scattershot of writings across a variety of topics to becoming my reflections and thoughts on life and my personal interests.

I love playing and making video games, and built my persona around that for well over a decade, but am also obsessed with craft cider, the Boston music scene, and of course... mozzarella sticks. These are just some of the many topics I would love to write more about, especially beyond the restraints of what social media and other mediums allow me to.  

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Cat curled up in a ball at the top of a cat tower.
This is my cat, Marvin. He can get so comfortable anywhere, any time, and I am incredibly jealous of this talent of his.