2017 was a pretty great year for games. I feel like I’ve said that every year for the past few years, but it’s been true. We’ve hit the point in this generation of consoles where year after year there have been really beautiful and great games released! While I didn’t get to play much this year, I did have a lot of fun with a selection of games that did come out. I’m taking this opportunity as an excuse to also write on my blog about them!

Destiny 2

What. A. Game. Destiny 2 took everything right about the original game and did more of it, while adding a story that I actually felt like I cared about. The one thing that stuck with me about Destiny 2 that hasn’t about any other game I played this year is the opening sequence of the game. Those first two hours or so where you lose your light, wander to the Farm, and go reclaim your light were beyond memorable and beautiful. Everything about that was a masterpiece. I felt the same immersion and awe that I did the first time I played Halo and landed on the ring world. Of course, every bit after that was the classic Destiny gameplay I loved. While I haven’t played much since I hit level 20, it sure was a fun game to play this year.

Fortnite: Battle Royale

For one reason or another, this was the year of battle royale games. I tried PUBG solo and with friends, and while I enjoyed every bit of that game (boy was it intense) I found the skill curve too great for the amount of time I have to invest in it. Fortnite on the other hand, super accessible, cartoony, and fun. It’s the accessible PUBG. I had a lot of fun playing this every few nights with the same core group, and that’s an experience I really haven’t had the past few years. I want to play more of this game and will.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Oh boy. This one. While we didn’t get an Animal Crossing game for the Switch this year (maybe next year?! Please Nintendo!), this game is pretty close to what I want to play on mobile. It’s Animal Crossing! Just at a smaller scale. Which is fine. It’s just enough to keep me thirsty to come back the next day. While I actually don’t see too much appeal for building out my camp, I do enjoy the vibe this game gives off, which is why I’ll open it up and just complete a few tasks and log off. If you visit my camp you’ll be sorely disappointed.


There is something special about DropMix. It’s magical. Okay, yes, I’m super biased because I worked on this, but I feel it would be wrong to not include the game that I’ve sunk the most time into and had the most fun with! The “Harmonix Magic” that’s inside the board and app is insane. I’ve been so inspired to just create new music mixes like those found in Mouth Moods, and also just play my guitar and bass along to drum beats I created. There’s also the competitive mode which over the past few months since we’ve launched I’ve really gotten into. There’s so much to come and I can’t wait to keep playing this game with my co-workers and friends. On top of that, I spent a lot of time showing this game off to people all over the US this year. Watching people’s minds get blown by this tech will *never* get old to me. I love it. I guess I could slip in a plug to go pick it up, right? Because you totally should!

And that’s it. Till next year, at least.

Yup, that’s it. I actually didn’t play much beyond these few games. If I did, it was only for a short time. Most of the other games I played this year includes Rock Band (of course!), Halo (and lots of it), Cities: Skylines (enjoyed picking this one back up again!), and a few more here and there. You might notice there’s no Switch games here. While I love my Switch, I actually haven’t had too much time to dive into Mario and if you know me, I’m not a fan of Zelda (although what I played of it was quite fun!). My backlog of other great games this year just continues to grow, and I’m horrible at keeping track of it. Hopefully I’ll get some time over the winter break when the office is closed to take care of this, but if not, there’s always 2018, right? Right?!