July is an interesting month. For one, it’s the month that the Steam Summer Sale started. Secondly, it’s a month that I’m working hard and crunching on to finish the game I’m currently working on, Wobbles. To be honest, the Steam Summer Sale and my game development life do not go together well, since I don’t play many games when working on games. However, there are still a good handful of games I have been playing this month, and I’m here to let you know about them and hopefully help you find some new games to play!

Rocksmith (Xbox 360)rocksmith

Rocksmith is a great game. Not only did it release in 2011 and maintain a replayability value, but it gives you a reason to keep playing. Rocksmith is a great asset for anyone who plays guitar, or is looking to learn. While it doesn’t teach you everything and probably isn’t the only tool you should use to learn, it sure does help in a fun and entertaining way. I can’t help but recommend this game, plus a guitar if you don’t have one.

You can pick up Rocksmith from Amazon for around $40 and get a ton of content and an awesome game! 

Jack Lumber (iOS/Steam)


Jack Lumber is a great blend between Fruit Ninja and all your lumberjack fantasies. In this iPad game you’re goal is to get revenge on the forrest and chop up as many logs as you can Fruit Ninja style. It’s a ton of fun, and best of all it was made by Owlchemy Labs, a local game development studio. They’re pretty awesome people who’ve made other great games!

Jack Lumber is available for a variety of iOS Devices for $3.99, or on Steam for a little bit more.

counterstrike-goCounter Strike: Global Offensive (PC/Mac)

I picked this up from the Steam Summer Sale, and while I’ve had it on Xbox for the longest time, I haven’t touched my Xbox for much lately. Plus, I love the feeling of CS: GO on the PC more than I do on the Xbox. If you’re a fan of Counter Strike and haven’t picked this up, you should. Nuff said.

You can pick up Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Steam. 

500x_left4dead2_boxLeft 4 Dead 2 (PC/Mac/Xbox 360)

Yup, another Valve game, although this one I didn’t pick up from the Steam sale, I’ve had for a while. Again, I have Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox, but I’m in love with everything on the Steam Workshop, thus I can’t settle for anything less. Custom campaigns, skins, weapons, etc. all are present in the PC/Mac version and I have a ton of them. Plus, a lot more people seem to play this on the PC than Xbox currently. Just my observation though.

You can pickup Left 4 Dead 2 for a relatively low price on Steam, or on Amazon!

GTA IV (Xbox 360)

gtaivWhen I’m not playing Rocksmith on my Xbox, I’m playing GTA IV. Recently Rooster Teeth’s “Let’s Play” series on YouTube got me back into multiplayer and I was having a blast in free mode with a ton of people. I can’t count the amount of helicopter battles, car chases, etc. that I got into in just one session! It was tons of fun!

Oh, and GTA V is coming out, and I think I gotta get back in the swing of things before then. 😉

You can pickup GTA IV, with no expansions, get the two expansions on a disc, or pre-order GTA V on Amazon.

That about wraps things up for this month. Hopefully this post jogged your mind into finding a few new games to play, or even reminded you that you have a few games in your backlog that you just haven’t played in a while. Regardless, get out there gaming and have fun!