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Spotify Wrapped 2019 – My Year of Music

Let’s take a look at my music listening habits of 2019!

Last year I pulled together a report of my music listening habits based on my Spotify Wrapped report of the year. To keep with tradition, I pulled together a report on my 2019 habits this year as well.

Unlike previous years, I decided to also use as a tool to help pull in more listening data for the year. Hopefully this makes this a little bit more fun to read through and better share my listening habits of the year!

Top Songs of 2019

For my top songs this year, I’ve decided to jump into my data for the year to pull this list together. In 2019, I scrobbled (that’s the term uses for song plays they track) 3,621 songs.

Here are my top 20 songs. If you’d like to view the full list, head on over to my page and check it out yourself!

  • I Prevail – Gasoline (61 Scrobbles)
  • I Prevail – Bow Down (59 Scrobbles)
  • Ra – Rectifier (56 Scrobbles)
  • Starset – MANIFEST (54 Scrobbles)
  • Bad Wolves – Remember When (53 Scrobbles)
  • Juice WRLD – Lucid Dreams (51 Scrobbles)
  • Ra – Sky (51 Scrobbles)
  • Unveil The Strength – Hell’s Never Over (51 Scrobbles)
  • Our Last Night – Sucker (50 Scrobbles)
  • Catfish and the Bottlemen – Longshot (49 Scrobbles)
  • Five Finger Death Punch – Gone Away (48 Scrobbles)
  • Trivium – The Heart From Your Hate (46 Scrobbles)
  • Travis Scott – SICKO MODE (45 Scrobbles)
  • I Prevail – Paranoid (44 Scrobbles)
  • Aminé – BLACKJACK (42 Scrobbles)
  • Post Malone – A Thousand Bad Times (42 Scrobbles)
  • Five Finger Death Punch – Blue on Black (41 Scrobbles)
  • Post Malone – Allergic (39 Scrobbles)
  • Post Malone – Better Now (39 Scrobbles)
  • Post Malone – Goodbyes (37 Scrobbles)

Genre Breakdown

My music habits are interesting. One of my co-workers calls me a mystery when it comes to what I like to listen to. While it is true I listen to a lot of Hard Rock / Metal, in the last few years (especially since I started working at Harmonix) my music tastes have broadened to just about everything.

Just like last year, I utilized a full export of my Spotify Wrapped playlist for the year, and matched the songs to genres in iTunes. Here’s my music genre breakdown for 2019:

What’s more interesting is comparing this year’s genre breakdown with last year’s. Let’s take a quick look:


Hard Rock27


Indie Pop1

I find it very neat to see the rise of Hip-Hop/Rap in my playlist this year with a whopping 21 songs. Wow! Some of the notable artists from this genre on my list this year include Juice WRLD, Latrell James, Post Malone, and Travis Scott.

What’s also interesting is the addition of the Hard Rock genre. To be quite honest, I can’t remember if I lumped Rock and Hard Rock together last year, or if this is something new that iTunes did.

Top Artists of 2019

This year’s Spotify Wrapped contained 100 songs from 50 different artists, 12 of those artists appear more than once. The list ultimately isn’t too surprising to me considering these are the top artists I’ve listened to this year.

Take a look below for a list of the 12 artists that appear more than once, making the cut into my Top Artists category.

  • Five Finger Death Punch – 12 Songs (1,262 Scrobbles)
  • I Prevail – 8 Songs (429 Scrobbles)
  • Bad Wolves – 7 Songs (278 Scrobbles)
  • Trivium – 7 Songs (341 Scrobbles)
  • Post Malone – 6 Songs (511 Scrobbles)
  • Catfish and the Bottlemen – 6 Songs (335 Scrobbles)
  • Pop Evil – 3 Songs (211 Scrobbles)
  • Latrell James – 3 Songs (202 Scrobbles)
  • Breaking Benjamin – 3 Songs (358 Scrobbles)
  • Ra – 3 Songs (187 Scrobbles)
  • Godsmack – 2 Songs (209 Scrobbles)
  • Volbeat – 2 Songs (285 Scrobbles)

My Spotify Wrapped 2019 Playlist

With all of that said, I couldn’t conclude this without sharing my Top Songs of 2019 Spotify playlist! I listened to a lot of great music this year (at least, by my standards) and hope you find something new to add to your library after taking a look at it!

If after reading this entire year-end wrap up, you feel like you “click” with my music tastes, I wanted to take a moment to recommend some artists for you to check out. They are:

  • Ra
  • Our Last Night
  • Latrell James
  • Unveil The Strength
  • Grabbitz

Definitely give at least their top 5 songs on Spotify a listen!

If you have one to share, definitely drop a link to your Spotify Wrapped 2019 playlist in the comments or Tweet it to me on Twitter (@Nick_Mudry).

That’s A Wrap!

No pun intended. That’s a wrap for this year’s music listening report. Thanks for taking the time to read through it all!

If you’re interested, be sure to check out my Spotify Wrapped Report from 2018 to do a comparison between this year’s and last! At some point I’m hoping to dive back into my 2017 and 2016 playlists as well, but until then, this is all ya got from me!

Until then…


Nick is a games industry professional with several years experience publishing across AAA and Indie. His recent work has been on the blockbuster music game franchises Rock Band and Dance Central.

He also is an avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and mozzarella stick critic.

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About Nick

Nick is a games industry professional with several years experience publishing across AAA and Indie. His recent work has been on the blockbuster music game franchises Rock Band and Dance Central.

He also is an avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and mozzarella stick critic.

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