A few weeks ago Spotify put out their annual personal report of your music history, Spotify Wrapped.

We’ve all been sharing our top played songs of the year with each other at work (naturally, as a musical company would), and I thought it would be fun to do a deep dive on my playlist and other fun stats.

Expect some charts, graphs, and tons of meaningless data. If you just want to see / listen to the playlist in Spotify, scroll to the very bottom of this post.

This should be fun!

Top 5 Played Songs

Looking at the top five songs, you might think you have a pretty clear idea of what kind of music I listened to all year. For the most part, yes I did listen to a lot of Hard Rock / Metal, but my top songs of the year actually dips into classic rock, modern rock, and eve some pop and EDM.

All of these songs are from relatively new albums for this year, which isn’t much of a surprise to me.

Sham Pain – Five Finger Death Punch

Being one of the leading singles from one of my favorite bands of the past 10+ years, there’s no surprise that Sham Pain made its way to the very top.

Learn To Live – Bad Wolves

Bad Wolves is a brand new band from LA and has gotten a lot of support and promotion from a band I follow closely, Five Finger Death Punch. Their debut album and EPs have been wildly heavy, and in a good way.

Learn To Live is one of the first tracks to stand out for me on this album, although most of the rest have started growing on me.

Psycho – Breaking Benjamin

I’m really surprised to see Psycho be the track that I listened the most to from Breaking Benjamin’s new album Ember. This album truly has some great singles (Torn In Two, for instance), but Psycho just brings that classic Breaking Benjamin feel back and is what makes me really dig it.

Birds of Prey – Pop Evil

Pop Evil is a really interesting band. Their music is always high energy, and each album they’ve put out has a very distinct track list from the last. Birds of Prey is a standout song from the album, not because it was a single and heavily promoted, but because of how it steps away from their traditional style of music. Everything about it is very chill and melodic and the guitar riffs suck me in every time it comes on.

My Demons – Acoustic – Starset

Somewhere between 2017 and 2018 I discovered Starset, and they’re quite an amazing band. This year they put out a “2.0” version of their latest album and it featured many acoustic tracks. Being a sucker for acoustic versions of rock songs, this one naturally made it to my #5 song of the year.

Genre Breakdown

As I mentioned previously, I do listen to a lot of rock and metal music. However, in 2018, my tastes have also shifted to include genres such pop, alternative, dance, and more. 

While my tastes are still pretty focused around two, maybe three genres, I thought it’d be interesting to break down my Top 100 by genre and see what it looks like.

As you can see, Rock and Metal take over the vast majority of my top genres of 2018. However Alternative, Hip-Hop/Rap, and Dance are a solid amount of the remaining piece of this tasty genre pie. 

For Alternative bands, I’ve listened to artists like Catfish and the Bottlemen, Our Last Night (an excellent cover band!), Portugal. The Man, The Killers, and Weezer (gotta love their cover of Rosanna!). 

In Hip-Hop/Rap, some of the artists I have in there are Childish Gambino, Latrell James, Post Malone, and Tech N9ne. 

For Dance artists, there is only one, but multiple songs from him: Grabbitz. 

Top Artists

My Spotify Wrapped Top 100 songs list consists of 57 unique artists, 17 of which appear more than once. The top artists I’ve listened to this year aren’t all that surprising (to me, at least!). Take a look at my top 15 from the artists that appear more than once:

My Spotify Wrapped 2018 Playlist

2018 was a solid year for music. I’ve personally broadened my tastes and strayed a bit more away from Rock and Metal than I normally would have. 

If you’d like to take a full listen at my Top Songs of 2018 playlist, it is embedded here! There’s a lot of good stuff here and if you have any similar tastes to me, I’m sure you’ll find something on here that you enjoy. 

If you’re curious how I compiled this all together, I utilized a mixture of the data provided on the SpotifyWrapped.com website, a tool that exports your Spotify playlists to a CSV / Excel, and some metadata from iTunes. Nothing too fancy! 

Until next year, keep checking back for frequent monthly updates on what I’m jamming out to (appropriately called Mudry’s Music Jams, click for a list of all of them!).

Thanks for reading!