On the night before Halloween, I participated in the Spooky Game jam that the WPI Game Development Club hosted. The goal of the game jam was to create a spooky themed game in 6 hours. I gathered with a team of developers and artists from both my college and WPI and created a game we call Spooky Ghosts!

Spooky Ghosts is a game that is a blend between Flappy Bird and Joust. In the game, you control one of the two ghosts and must collect as much candy as you can, either by knocking it out of the other player’s basket, or collecting it as it spawns.


I’m very proud at how well it turned out and how we scoped the game just right to finish everything from the music, art, sound, and code, just in time for the jam to end. It was one of the most successful game jam projects I’ve worked on!

Check out the game and play it by clicking here and going to the game’s page. 

The controls for the game are the following:

WASD – Player One Movement

Arrow Keys – Player Two Movement

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Thank you for checking out our game!