If you’ve been following the media, you’ve probably been hearing about the big fiasco about McDonald’s big problem with their mozzarella sticks. No? Let me fill you in.

In November of 2015, McDonald’s announced that it would be bringing mozzarella sticks to their menu worldwide. The best part? They’re only $1.

For people who love this delicious appetizer, this was both a joyous moment, and one to also be a little skeptical of, because well, it’s McDonald’s. Who knows how good or bad McDonald’s can make mozzarella sticks.

However, on Thursday, January 28th, CNBC reported that “McDonald’s mozzarella sticks are missing a key ingredient.” What ingredient? The cheese.

Now, you may be thinking. How can you have mozzarella sticks without the cheesy filler? You’re right. You can’t.

Let’s take a step back into 2015.

As a professional mozzarella critic, “Mudry’s Mozz” (@MudrysMozz on Twitter), I reviewed UNO’s mozzarella sticks. I reported that most of their sticks also lacked the key ingredient, cheese.

These are the UNO’s mozzarella sticks, entirely lacking cheese on the inside.

These sticks were terrible. As I said, most of their sticks lacked a cheesy filling, and the ones that did were cold, unappetizing, and didn’t provide an adequate stretchy cheese experience. They also tasted like utter crap.

I gave them a 1/10 and still stand by it.

Coming back to today, Friday, January 29th, 2016, I’ve been flooded with Tweets, Facebook messages, and texts from concerned friends and family about the McDonald’s fiasco.

I’d like to report, that this issue isn’t as widespread as the media is blowing it out to be.

I pulled into a McDonald’s last night, and ordered their mozzarella sticks for the very first time. I was saving my McDonald’s review for a special time, but seeing how there is a public outcry for mozzarella stick journalism, I had to change my plans.

McDonald’s mozzarella sticks were delicious. They were by no means perfect, but were an excellent entry level mozzarella stick.

First of all, there was cheese inside my sticks! Amazing, right? The key ingredient was there! Suck it CNBC!

Beyond that, there were many more high (and some low) points to McDonald’s mozzarella sticks:

  • They were well seasoned. Many top tier restaurants don’t even go as far to put seasoning on their sticks. Kudos, McDonald’s.
  • Only $1! What a steal. For $10, you can walk away with 30 mozzarella sticks. Compare that to the mozzarella sticks you might get at Applebees, even during half-priced apps, you’ll only end up with ~14 sticks.
  • They leave you wanting more. I only ordered one box, which contains three mozzarella sticks. I really wanted to go back and order even more.
  • Unfortunately, their marinara sauce, while amazingly tasty, comes with so much extra that you would think, McDonald’s, why didn’t you put four mozzarella sticks in the box?

Overall though, McDonald’s, your mozzarella sticks are pretty damn good. I went back while I wrote this article to get some more that how much I liked them and how much value per stick they offer.

McDonald’s Mozzarella Sticks: 6.5 / 10.


Don’t listen to the press. Your McDonald’s mozzarella sticks are probably fine and contain cheese!

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BONUS: Now I know a handful of you are going to ask me:

Nick, if McDonald’s is only a 6.5/10, where can I find the BEST mozzarella sticks?

If you’re looking for the best mozzarella sticks (disclaimer, that I have found so far) I recommend you check out IHOP. Their “monster mozzarella sticks” are amazing.