Another month, another playlist. While I usually keep it to five tracks for each of these posts, this month I have a bonus sixth! It’s been a busy month, and I’ve been listening to a wide variety of music, so it’s reasonable to expect more than 5 tracks. 

Let’s dive into the tracks that I have been jamming out to this month! 

"Do You Really Want It" - Nothing More

A few weeks ago, Nothing More opened up for Shinedown and Godsmack at a show I went to. Naturally, they were added to my rotation so I could refamiliarize myself with them, especially as they weren’t in any of my regular playlists. 

“Do You Really Want It” really stuck out and became a track I listened to a lot over the last month. 

They also put on a really good show and was psyched to have the opportunity to see them play live again! 

"My Evil Ways" - The Nearly Deads

In a recent session of looking for some new music to listen to on Spotify, I stumbled across The Nearly Deads. I was quickly hooked.

My Evil Ways is super upbeat and heavy. I also get a very big Halestorm vibe when listening to them, so naturally, I like it! 

"Mona Lisa Bonet" - Latrell James

Latrell James is a local Boston artist that has caught my ear recently. Mona Lisa Bonet is his most recent release and it is a jam! 

"Die For You - Acoustic Version" - Starset

Starset, an artist that I have come to love over the past year, has been releasing acoustic versions of some of their songs. 

Die For You is a standout acoustic track from their recent releases. Plus the album art is amazing! 

"Remember When" - Bad Wolves

"God is a woman" - Ariana Grande

I typically only put 5 songs on my Music Jams playlists, but this time I have a bonus sixth track! 

I have heard Ariana Grande’s “God is a woman” many times on the radio and her album Sweetener has been sitting in the CD player in my car for a long while. 

This track is just a huge jam and doesn’t stop being a good song to listen to.