Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists. 

A couple of years ago, a mysterious game from Twisted Pixel called ‘Splosion Man was released to the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Little did anyone know that this game would become the huge success as it is today that Twisted Pixel would have to create a full fledged sequel, Ms. ‘Splosion Man.

Ms. ‘Splosion Man in general plays exactly the same as the original ‘Splosion Man did. You move around, blow up and move to the next checkpoint. Sounds simple? Not really. The game comes filled with many traps that sometimes make you want to throw your controller down on the ground and smash it into a million little pieces. Some of the traps that are in the game are familiar robots and scientists that were in the last ‘Splosion Man, but the majority are new and tougher enemies and traps that will make you re-think how you are going to play the game. There aren’t any official names for them, so I’ll have to name them as what they look like to me. Some include a giant green jellyfish that you can bounce off of and die from, a spinning blade of death that moves toward you when you step on the platform it is on, and many more.

Ms. ‘Splosion Man also features the typical boss every once in a while which takes some skill to beat. The first boss on the other hand, seemed to be much easier than the boss in the first game. Although it may be challenging to some, I found it very easy to beat.

Without any spoilers of what else you can expect, if you get the game, you are sure to be in a long, fun, controller-smashing ride with the single player.

On the other hand, multiplayer, is even more of a fun, controller-smashing ride than single player. Instead of just one little trap or enemy to stop you from getting to the goal, there are many, many more as well as tormenting puzzles that will keep you guessing what to do next for a long time. The other night I was playing with a few friends and we were stuck on a few puzzles for over 30 minutes.

The multiplayer get’s even better with 2G1C. No, not that porno movie, the game mode, 2 Girls 1 Controller. It is probably the hardest game mode in any video game to date. I would say it is harder than playing Guitar Hero on Expert with no hands. In 2G1C mode, each thumbstick and bumper is your movement and explosion for a character. It may sound easy, but when you are put to the test with puzzles and enemies it becomes a nightmare.

In every mode, there are hidden shoes, similar to the hidden cake in the original ‘Splosion Man. When you find the hidden shoes, you are given extra points to your score at the end of the level. This score translates into coins which could be used to buy items at the in-game mall.

The in-game mall is where you unlock pretty much everything for the game. There are gamer-pictures, themes and even avatar awards waiting for you in the store. To unlock them, you must spend your hard earned credits from the single player and multiplayer. There are some hidden items in the store too which will be shown when you beat either the single player or multiplayer of the game.

Along with those features there are also your standard, but hard, achievements for you to unlock as well as in-game leaderboards for you to compete against your friends in score and time.

Overall, Ms. ‘Splosion Man is a wonderful experience for gamers of all ages. If your a hardcore gamer or even a casual gamer, you will enjoy the controller smashing fun that this game brings to your Xbox 360.

You can pick up Ms. ‘Splosion Man for your Xbox 360 on the Xbox LIVE Arcade today for 800 Microsoft Points.

A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for reviewing purposes.