Many months ago I worked on a Bacon Game Jam project called Bacon Cannibalism. The game simply consists of you, the player, feeding raw bacon to a cartoon strip of bacon.

When I originally heard of the Bacon Game Jam, I knew it was something I wanted to participate in, but did not have much free time the weekend it was taking place. However, I still wanted to make something.

So I hurried over to my computer near the end of the game jam and put together Bacon Cannibalism. I did everything in this project including the art, which highly surprised me that I made “decent” art for a game.


You can check out the “finished” product of Bacon Cannibalism here:

I recently decided to revisit this very short game project the other night, and suddenly was inspired with a whole new way to eat bacon in a video game. This sparked many hours of doodling and writing down ideas and I now will be making a “sequel” to my original bacon video game.

Not every little detail is nailed down, and I haven’t even begun working on the new project just yet, so I won’t have details today, but do expect many more tales from our Bacon Cannibalism friend…

Anyways, that’s all I wanted to share! I hope you find Bacon Cannibalism as hilarious as I did making it. To stay informed on future news regarding my upcoming bacon video game, subscribe to my newsletter! It’s free and I don’t spam at all. I only update you on my game development projects, share game marketing advice and other great similar things!

Talk to you soon with more news about bacon!