After months of being in app approval limbo for months, my side iOS game project, Lost In Space: Zero Gravity, is now available for download on the iTunes App Store!

Lost In Space: Zero Gravity is a endless runner for iOS inspired by the movie Gravity. In the game, you navigate a stray astronaut through space, dodging asteroids and collecting coins.

I’m super excited to finally be releasing this game. As I originally wrote, this game was in app approval limbo for months upon months, for very tiny issues that I overlooked when submitting … well … every time. At least I learned my mistakes and won’t make them next time around!

Lost In Space: Zero Gravity Core Features:

  • Endless gameplay and fun! Drift through the empty void of space and try to see how long you can survive.
  • Awesome stat tracking! See how many coins you’ve collected, how far you’ve traveled and more cool stats.
  • Leaderboards! You can have a game that tracks stats and not have leaderboards, right? Game Center support built into the game on launch!

Why I Created This Game:

I created Lost In Space: Zero Gravity in the summer of 2014 for a few reasons. The main reason I created the game though was to almost completely develop and design a game all by myself, and ship it. While I didn’t entirely create everything, such as the art and music which I licensed, I did do all of the code, and core design work for the game.

The game was also created for another reason. That reason was so I can learn more about the iOS App Store, how many people download free games, and how the mobile advertisement market works. The game is free, but does feature advertisements. I’m highly interested in seeing how it turns out and performs, as the business side of games is something I’m highly interested in learning about.

Planned Updates, Incoming Fixes & Known Bugs:

So, before I launched, I realized there were a few bugs, and some of my early access players let me know about em… So far I currently know about:

  • Collected coins is not tracking right. It only adds one coin collected each match. I looked at the code and it will be fixed in an update coming soon.
  • UI isn’t 100% responsive. I’ve noticed this and will be implementing a brand new GUI system in the next update.

Additionally, I already outlined what features I want to add in the next update:

  • Fix the bugs listed above (obviously!)
  • Add a new powerup! A double score powerup will be coming in the next update. Get even higher scores! If you have more powerup ideas, please tweet me or email me!
  • Revamped UI and buttons. As mentioned above, it’ll be much, much, much better.
  • Adjusted advertisement serve frequency. Honestly, it’s a little too frequent now. I’ll be toying with it.
  • A few more stats and leaderboards. If you have more stat ideas, you can tweet me or email me!
  • Screen dimming… yes, you screen will dim after a while if using the accelerometer as a control, especially if you’re doing good.
  • Minor bug fixes for whatever else comes up. Already have a few small backend fixes lined up! 🙂

Do you have any other feature ideas for the next update, or even an update down the line? Tweet me or email me!

That’s It! Download Now!

Yup. That’s all for now. I have some work to do and I need to about promoting this game. I didn’t do too much of it because I kept getting discouraged on submission, but I’ll be doing some promos and updates for the next few weeks and months, in addition to working on a few other game projects. Geeze.. am I busy…

Please go download the game and play it. It’s free and would be awesome if you tweeted me your high score! Click the button below to download it!


Screenshot Gallery: