Oops! So I forgot to hit “Publish” on Friday. So a lot of this stuff is completely out of date. My bad. 

Another week has passed since I wrote my last game development blog for my hobby project, Lost In Space, so I thought it’d be a good idea to write another! Let’s dive in!

What’s New!

Not much has changed aesthetically, however I made the production of the game a lot smoother.

To get started, I just started using Git/GitHub for version control. For the longest time, I never took the time to learn how to use version control properly and how to get it to work with Unity. However, I ended up finding out how to get it all setup and I’m really excited that I finally have version control for this, and all my current and future projects.

If you want to check out the GitHub repo for the game, simply click here and you’ll be brought to the game’s page over there.

Secondly, the other thing I did was move all my bug tracking, new feature tracking over to GitHub as well! Lately, it’s been helping a lot with easily tracking all of that fun stuff and having it in the same place as my code.

Now, What’s Really New!

Alright, alright, alright. Enough with all my new version control excitement and onto the small amount of new features I added into the latest build of the game. Let’s just list them in… a list!

  • Sounds! It’s been hard developing this game for this long without any sounds, so there’s finally sounds for pickups, explosions, and menu buttons.
  • Additional Scoring Mechanic! If you break an asteroid while in your shield bubble, you’ll actually get points added to your score.
  • Difficulty! Okay, last time I said I added this feature, which I did. However, it seemed to bug out when launching the game from the main menu. So NOW the game speeds up as time goes on and it gets harder.
  • Barriers! You can no longer go infinitely off the screen. There are barriers to stop you.

What’s Coming Next?

There’s still a decent amount of work to be done for this game to become “officially done” and I can release it.

Firstly, I need to figure out a way to implement a leaderboard and stat tracking into the game. I’ve never implemented leaderboards before, so it’ll be a fun challenge. Stat tracking will be easy, so long I make it stay local.

On top of all that, I want to polish the game up and get a few explosion effects in for the asteroids and the player when they both die. It’s something I’ve been putting off, and I think I should finally put it in the game.

Finally, I want to integrate social networks like Facebook and Twitter into the game. Probably just sharing your stats and scores at the end of a run, although just like the leaderboards, I’ve never done social integration before, and I’d love to learn more about it!

Media, Screenshots, Links & Everything Else!

Before you say it, I know. The screenshots are exactly the same as last week. The game hasn’t changed much, and I didn’t see the need to take brand new ones since they’ll be exactly what you saw before. Instead, here are the same three from before:

lost-in-space-03 lost-in-space-01 lost-in-space-02

Current Web Build (0.3.4)

GitHub Repository

GitHub Issue & Feature Tracker

Email Me (Seriously, do it! I want to hear your feedback!)

Wrap Up!

That’s all for this week’s development update. I’m still not sure if I’ll keep these weekly, but I’ll be sure to keep posting them as often as I can. I really enjoy sharing my work and having people play it!

Until next time, please feel free to follow me on Twitter, or subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date with my game development!