Eleventh Level Interactive, an independent game development studio located in Canada, launched a Kickstarter for their upcoming game, Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis. The launch of their Kickstarter coincided with the launch of Kickstarter in Canada, and throughout the past few weeks has been doing very well!

Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is an underwater city building game for iOS and Android. As a newly found mayor of an underwater city, you must build your city, growing it to new heights, while exploring the depths of the ocean and the sea creatures that live among you.

Under The Sea Concept Art

Players can personalize their underwater metropolis’ by planning a unique city of their own. However, you must be aware of the challenges and dangers that lie around your city such as sharks, volcanos, earthquakes and more!

The Laser Shark Concept Art!

What has me excited for Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is the crazy and wacky things that will go on during the game as you play. Some of those dangers you face may be giant laser sharks, or an octopus with machine guns robbing your city’s banks!

The team at Eleventh Level Interactive has setup a wonderful Kickstarter for their game. Pledge rewards include the typical special thanks credit,  getting the game, and early access. They also include the ability to be a voice actor in the game, having yourself added into the game as a character, an in-game statue of yourself, or even having full access to help the team develop the game.

Under The Sea Gameplay Concept

Overall, Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis is shaping up to become a wonderful game. The team has a lot to push through and get done to meet their launch date of Q4 2014, and with your help, they might be able to reach it! They are asking for $20,000 Canadian Dollars, and at the time of this writing they are at $1,600 with 21 days left.

If great city building and/or mobile games are up your alley, then be sure to back Under The Sea: The Underwater Metropolis on Kickstarter before it’s too late!

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