I love indie games. Why? Well, not only because I’m a games developer, but indie games are able to present a huge amount of creativity and freedom, thus you can create blends between two completely different games to make something amazing. That is exactly what Last Limb is doing with their upcoming game, Organic Panic.

Organic Panic brings the gameplay and destruction of the classic game Worms and forges it with the creativity that is held behind Little Big Planet with level editing and customization. The team at Last Limb has spent many years developing a wonderful physics engine that allows both of these games to exist in a world together.


Some of the core features of the game and it’s physics engine revolve around it’s destruction system. You can destroy everything you see, play with the fluids, and do pretty much whatever you’d like. The game uses the destruction and fluids to create fun puzzles for you to complete in the single player and co-op modes and is widely used in the versus mode of the game.

Since the game is built with an amazing engine, it allows for the creation of custom maps in-game. The developers showcased the basics of the engine on their Kickstarter page and it does look very powerful. It’s exactly what you’d expect from a game like this. On top of level creation, Organic Panic features level sharing, to allow you to share your puzzles and levels with your friends.


Overall, Organic Panic looks like a fun game for parties and casual playing. If it lives up to it’s promise of being “Worms Meets Little Big Planet” it will surely be a game that many people will be playing and remember for a while. At the time of this writing, Organic Panic is 50% of the way to their goal and could use your help. If this game sounds like one you’d enjoy, then definitely check it out on Kickstarter.

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