Visiting and participating in indie game communities, forums, blogs, websites, etc. is essential when you’re a small indie game developer. Below is a short list of the top indie game development communities. There’s plenty more beyond these few, but these are the best of the best! Go visit them, join their community, promote yourself plus your game, and be an awesome indie developer!

Game Development Forums

TIG Source – Probably one of the most popular game development forums. If you’re an indie developer, you should at least be lurking this forum weekly, let alone participating in it daily!

Indie Gamer – Yet another great community. I personally lurk on this one a lot. Tons of great information and people over there.

Unity Forums – Seeing how Unity is one of the most popular game engines for game developers, this forum is a no brainer. Share your advice, talk about game development and meet other Unity developers! – A huge forum filled with game developers. Highly active and tons of great stuff here too!

Game Development Sub-Reddits

/r/gamedev – A very obvious one, but still very essential. Great people, great topics and a great place to get advice and talk about your game.

/r/playmygame – A small, but active community of developers who are sharing their game to be played, and of course playing each other’s game too!

/r/devblogs – Run a developer blog (like this one?!), then this is a good place to go share your blogs.

/r/indiegames – Everything indie games! News, reviews, developer talk, AMAs, and more.

/r/gamejams – All game developers participate in game jams, right? It’s the best way to get new ideas for your next game! Here’s where you can find out about all of them!

Other Game Communities

Ludum Dare – A game jam every few months, but in-between it’s still a very active community with an open front page for you to blog on!

IndieDB – Great place to have a page for both your team/company and games. Cross promote your game’s news, share screenshots and more. High visibility here! – Okay, I know it’s a storefront, but here me out! This is a great place to find hidden gems, and thus great developers! Become friends with the developers using this platform.

What are some of your favorite indie game communities that you would add to this list? Let me know in the comments below if I missed any of your top ones!