If you read my recent post about my Spotify music listening habits for 2018, then you might be wondering how I compiled all of that fun extra data about my tracks.

Long story short, I exported my entire Spotify Wrapped playlist to a CSV / Excel file and started pulling in metadata from iTunes and other sources to make charts and graphs.

I’m sure you are curious how I exported my Spotify playlist to a CSV though, since it’s not a feature native to any of the Spotify clients. The answer is simple: Exportify!

Exportify is a really neat open source tool made by Watsonbox on GitHub. Simply follow these steps and you’ll have your playlists exported as a CSV:

  1. Open Exportify up in your web browser. 
  2. Connect to your Spotify account. You’ll have to give some account permissions to the Exportify app.
  3. Click export on any of your Spotify playlists.

After doing so, you’ll get a wonderful CSV of all of your songs, and save time writing them down one by one!

A few of my playlists in Exportify

Right now, Exportify doesn’t support pulling additional metadata (release year, genre, etc.) but that is information you can more easily pull through searches, if needed.

That being said, since it is an open source project, there is a potential for that to be added in the future, so keep an eye out!

I hope this helps anyone looking to do anything similar to what I did with my 2018 Wrapped playlist review post, and saves a little bit of time on your end. 🙂