Nick Mudry

Product Marketing Manager

Nick is a seasoned games industry marketing and product manager. In his several years in the industry, he has helped publish over a dozen games in the AAA and Indie markets. 

His passion, excitement, can-do attitude, and willingness to express himself has also helped Nick pursue several hobbies including podcasting, creating YouTube videos, live streaming, and professionally critiquing mozzarella sticks. He was also Discovery Channel’s Fan of the Week on December 11th, 2009. 

Currently, Nick is working on the next generation of world-class interactive music experiences at Harmonix Music Systems in Boston, MA as a Community Manager.

Industry Work

Recent Experience

  • Community Manager, Harmonix
    Developing communications and social strategy for Rock Band 4, DropMix, Super Beat Sports, and several unannounced titles.
    2017 - Present
  • Product Manager, Harmonix
    Publishing Lead for Amplitude and Harmonix Music VR. Assisted with marketing and publishing efforts for Rock Band 4, the Rivals expansion pack, and Rock Band VR.
    2015 - 2017
  • Communications Manager, Ear Play
    Lead communications for Codename Cygnus, an interactive radio drama for phones and tablets.
    2013 - 2015
  • Co-Founder, Play Nimbus
    Indie game studio I founded during college focused on experimental mobile and console games.
    2012 - 2014
  • Founder & Editor-In-Chief, Abstract 360
    Founded and directed a leading Xbox community and news outlet.
    2008 - 2012


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