Author’s Note: My thoughts carelessly thrown together below. May or may not be in a logical order, but more of how they’re coming out of my head as I freely write this. You’ve been warned for grammar, haha. I’ve been reading a lot about Microsoft’s HoloLens. The more and more I do, the less gimmicky it seems (based on how some people I know are reacting to it), and actually more like a brand new interface device for computers. Somethings I think people are mixing up is the idea that it’s something you wear on you 24/7, which isn’t the case. It’s more like a PC or laptop today, where it comes with you, and you use it when it’s appropiate. It’s not Google Glass or an Apple Watch. It really seems to be an extension of a computer monitor to the world around you. Applications aren’t ‘programs’ as we know them, but projected in our world which is why I think they’re called “holograms” as that’s what they look like from the perspective of wearing the device. microsoft-hololens-hologram-ui Obviously, this isn’t a replacement for your PC/laptop, just like your phone or smartwatch isn’t either. It’s another device that extends the reach of technology to hundreds of thousands new potential applications and entertainment options. HoloLens is allowing you to make a virtual world in your real world, when you want it. Want a screen on your wall that shows your calandar? Done. Need to bring up a Skype video call on-the-go? Done. Want to craft a living Minecraft world on your coffee table? Done. microsoft-hololens-minecraft-room-demoThe Minecraft eexperiencedemoed really makes me excited. Not only because Minecraft allows so many creative possibilities, but because the Minecraft demo shows that you can bring any world right to you. No, I’m not just talking about a Minecraft world, I’m talking about any time or place. They used Mars as this as a demo, and walking around the Curiosity rover as it would be on Mars just blows my mind. It makes me think where else a person can be taken to. Maybe you want to visit the wild west as it was many years ago, or maybe you can be taken to the sci-fi world of Halo. Imagine feeling like you’re standing next to Master Chief in your own living room. microsoft-hololens-3d-modeling Of course, you can feel skeptical. You have every right to. But after listening to what the press have to say on how seamless and beautiful the experiences that were demoed, I feel a lot less skeptical on this being a gimick or weak product. Sure, it’ll probably have a few issues here and there, but I feel this type of hardware that brings technology into our world is here to stay and be revised. Honestly, I’m getting excited for the possibilities of what can be done with HoloLens. I am way more excited about this piece of hardware than I think I should be, but I’m looking into the future on what could possibly be done with HoloLens. Now if only I can find a way to get a developer kit / demo… *nudge* *nudge* to any Microsoft employee reading this… *nudge* *nudge* hehe