Throughout the past week, I’ve come across three helpful game development tricks and tips I found on other game developers blogs. These tips vary from programming, to sound creation to even dealing with a bad game jam theme. I couldn’t resist sharing them with everyone, so let’s jump into the tips!

Random Level Generation In Games

Random Level Generation Game Development Tutorial
Image Credit: Vlambeer
I was reading Rami Ismail’s Twitter recently and came across this blog post which details how Vlambeer created their random level generation system for Wasteland Kings. I found it very interesting to read and is making me consider using their theory for a few upcoming projects of mine. I hope you find it useful!     Read about it on Vlambeer’s game development blog:

usfxr: Bfxr Built Into Unity 3D!

Usfxr, a game development tool for creating sounds in Unity 3D!

While reading through Reddit, I stumbled upon this awesome Unity 3D plugin called usfxr. Usfxr is a audio synthesizer which is put directly into the Unity editor. It is very similar to the popular synthesizer, Bfxr, which is used to create countless sound effects for games. I’m a big fan of using Bfxr for game jams and general sound design, and am definitely going to use usfxr for all of my game jam projects! Check out the plugin over on Zeh Fernando’s blog: 

How to Deal With a Bad Game Jam Theme

We’ve all been there in a game jam where the theme makes absolutely no sense and you can’t wrap your mind around what to make. It even happened to me during a recent Ludum Dare when the theme was “You Only Get One.” I ended up turning that game into Tumbling Towers. The tips I found over on the Tuts+ page for game development help a lot with that issue of a bad theme. Go read the post over on Tuts+ here:–cms-21234

That’s All the Game Development Tips for Now!

Those are all the tips I found this week! If I come across any more game development tips and tricks next week, I’ll be sure to highlight them in another post! Have any tips to share? Leave them as a comment below!