Game Development Recap – 2014

I had a goal to work on a few game development projects in 2014, and I think I did more than succeed that goal. While I actually didn’t ship anything due to a few issues that came up with my Apple developer account, I did release a few games on my website or at least create and submit some game jam games!

Currently, my game project list this year sits at 10 games, in a mixture of major games I worked on/am currently working on, in various stages from being a major projects, to a game jam project, to a incomplete game concept.

Let’s check out the list and hope I can improve upon this list throughout 2015!

Major Game Projects:

Codename Cygnus on Android


My current job is working part time at Reactive Studios on Codename Cygnus and a few other unannounced projects. This year we shipped Codename Cygnus on Android. We went through a couple stages, such as a closed beta, open beta and a soft launch with our publisher.

Once Upon A Doodle

One Upon A Doodle is my game challenge project for 2014. The “game challenge” is an annual game pitching competition held by Mass DiGI. Once Upon A Doodle is an interactive story building game my team and I are actively working on creating. I don’t have much to share on the game just yet, since we’re still fixing up the concept, but sometime around February I should have a post up about this game!

Lost-In-Space-iPad-NameLost In Space

Oh Lost In Space…

This is a very simple endless runner I created at the beginning of the school year, around August. While I actually finished it up in September and submitted it to Apple, there has been something wrong every single submit that I had to come back and change.

For the past few months, I did lose motivation to finish it up, but I can say that at some point this year, I’ll finish up the remaining issues it’s having, and will release it some time in 2015 on iOS devices for free!

To follow development on Lost In Space, you can simply click here to read all the posts about it!

Game Jam Projects:

Little Shoe People


Little Shoe People was the last game jam project I worked on in 2015. It was made with a group of friends during my college’s annual 24 hour game jam.

The game is a very simplistic infinite runner, but we added a twist to make it a rhythm game. In Little Shoe People, you guide the … well … little shoe people … throughout a house, escaping the foot trying to put itself in the shoe!

It’s a very cute/adorable game, and I’m happy that I worked on this as it was one of the most fun, yet simple, projects I’ve worked on!

I never put up a formal blog post about Little Shoe People, but when I do you’ll be able to find it here. Link to play the game coming soon too!

Vocal Time


Vocal Time was a very experimental game concept I worked on during a 3 hour game jam at school. In three hours, I made a game in which you use your voice to control time in the game.

It used a simple Unity plugin for voice input and I used the data that the plugin provided to slow down to speed up time.

Other than that, it’s a very simple top-down shooter.

Read all about Vocal Time here! 

Bacon Duel


Bacon Duel was a game my friend Jacob and I worked on for the Bacon Game Jam. It’s a very simple game of pong, but we replaced the paddles with bacon and the ball with eggs. Lots of eggs.

The eggs can crack open and spew yolk everywhere, making for a very chaotic match.

Read about Bacon Duel and play it here!

Spooky Ghosts


Spooky Ghosts was a really fun game jam project I worked on with a group of my friends. The game jam was centered around Halloween and the theme was “spooky.” Our good friends at WPI put the game jam on, and I’m glad I attended. It was one of our more successful game jam projects… ever.

The game is a candy collection game where you and a friend play as ghosts trying to collect the most candy, while stealing it from each other.

Play Spooky Ghosts and read all about it in this blog post about it! 

Bacon Eater Pro

Bacon Eater Pro was a huge joke project I worked on this year. I wanted to make a game about cooking bacon, so I did. I wanted to finish it and release it on iPad and Android tablets, but… that never happened. Maybe I’ll release it this year.

Incomplete Game Concepts:

The Floor Is Lava


The Floor Is Lava is a hectic ball physics platformer I started to develop earlier this year. The goal is to guide the ball to the end of the level without touching the lava. I stopped development on it once I started to get busy with school work, but I have a feeling I’ll start working on this project again at some point!

Nuke Apocolypse


Nuke Apocolypse is a game project I recently started. It’s inspired by both the classic board game Risk and the PC game Defcon (which is inspired by War Games).

Wobbles Infinite Runner


My friend Mike and I started working on an infinite runner based on the first game we shipped together, Wobbles. We didn’t get far, but have plenty of ideas on how we can move forward with this idea if we ever decide we want to do so.

Onto 2015…

Those are all the games (I think) I worked on in 2014. Before I made this list, I thought I didn’t work on much, but it actually turns out I worked on more than I originally thought.

I’m sure I missed a few games, and if anyone actually remembers me talking about a game I worked on this year, but didn’t share it here, just Tweet me and let me know. I’ll try to find those project files and add them here!

Anyways, I hope 2015 will be another successful year for me game development & design wise. I’m hoping to finish at least one of my shelved projects from this last year and start a few new ones. Also, as I mentioned, I’m working on Once Upon A Doodle for the Mass DiGI Game Challenge, and I’m hoping to have more to share in regards to that very soon! :

See ya later!


Nick is a games industry professional with several years experience publishing across AAA and Indie. His recent work has been on the blockbuster music game franchises Rock Band and Dance Central.

He also is an avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and mozzarella stick critic.

About Nick

Nick is a games industry professional with several years experience publishing across AAA and Indie. His recent work has been on the blockbuster music game franchises Rock Band and Dance Central.

He also is an avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and mozzarella stick critic.

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