Creating A Press Kit For Your Indie Game

Game development is only half the battle when it comes to creating a game. The other half is to create a strong presence online so journalists, media outlets and other press members can find and write about your games.

To help with that, you should create a press kit for your game.

What Is A Press Kit?

A press kit is a collection of assets and information that allows the press to easily learn and write about your game. It contains all promotional material you want journalists to use in their coverage, and lets them know the facts about your product.

The press kit will help journalists and media outlets save time researching information about your game that may be spread across the internet, and put it in one place for them to read.

What To Include In A Press Kit

A typical press kit will include all kinds of promotional assets and materials. However, every press kit should contain the following:

  • High resolution and quality screenshots of the game in action. Don’t miss out on showcasing key features or moments of your game’s functionality.
  • Logos and game icon in the highest resolution you can provide. Additionally, include any variations of your logo you may have, such as a text only logo, one color logo, etc.
  • Trailers and informational videos that show your game in action.
  • A fact sheet with information about your game. This will tell anyone reading your press kit what your game is about and what it does, exactly. It should also include key information such as the price, release date, developer & publisher, and so forth.

Additionally, while the following aren’t key to being included in a press kit, they are still highly recommended:

  • Information about the company. This is a great way to let the press know who the company developing the game is, what they have done in the past, and where they come from.
  • Quotes from and links to previous media coverage.
  • Links to recent press releases your company has sent out.
  • Awards! It’s your time to shine, and you should let the press know that your company/game is award winning!

Still stuck on what to put in your press kit and need examples? Scroll to the bottom of this post for some excellent examples of press kits!

Creating and Hosting A Press Kit

Your game’s press kit doesn’t need to be very complicated. In fact, there are two easy ways to create a press kit – a simple file directory, or a web based press kit. Both are very easy to setup!

Firstly, before you start either, you’ll want to gather all of the files and assets listed in the previous section. You’ll also want to organize them into folders to make it easy to follow.

After you get it all organized, you can upload them to a public folder on Dropbox, Google Drive,, or any other reputable file sharing platform.


If you want to get fancy with your press kit, you can instead download presskit(), pronounced “do press kit”, and install it on your web server. Presskit() is one of the easiesat solutions for an indie developer to create and host their press list online. There’s great documentation and information on presskit() on its official website, which you can find here.

You can also create a web based press kit right in your website’s CMS system, or by hand coding one with HTML/CSS/whatever other web languages you use.

For any game developer that is just starting out with a press kit, I highly recommend that you start your press kit with the presskit() software, as it will be the quickest way to get setup! 

Maintaining and Updating A Press Kit

Every time you feel you make a major change to your game, you should update your press kit. Changes I am talking about include:

  • Revamping the graphics or how the game looks.
  • Adding, removing or overhauling a game mechanic.
  • Anything that makes the game feel different from the last time you played the game.

On top of updating your press kit when you change your game, you should also maintain your press kit and make sure it has the latest information about your game. Other times that might be useful for updating your press kit include when you:

  • Make a new announcement or send out a new press release. Link to it on your press kit!
  • Create a new trailer and release it. Embed and link to it on your press kit.
  • Need to update the feature list of your game. If the information online is stale or out of date, you should update it promptly!

Examples of Great Press Kits

There are plenty press kits out there. Many of the press kits I will link to below are actually being run on the “presskit()” software I mentioned above.


Microsoft & Xbox

Young Horses & Octodad

Codename Cygnus

Lockitron (A mobile app/device. Just sharing for inspiration!)

Keep Going!

If you followed everything in this article, you should finally have a press kit setup that journalists can use to write about your game.

Creating a press kit for your game is just the beginning to marketing your indie game. I’m sure you now have many other questions, such as “How Do I Get Press To Write About My Game?” and plenty more.

Don’t worry, because I have you covered! Check out these other great indie game marketing guides and articles for further advice:

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Nick is a games industry professional with several years experience publishing across AAA and Indie. His recent work has been on the blockbuster music game franchises Rock Band and Dance Central.

He also is an avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and mozzarella stick critic.

About Nick

Nick is a games industry professional with several years experience publishing across AAA and Indie. His recent work has been on the blockbuster music game franchises Rock Band and Dance Central.

He also is an avid gamer, tech enthusiast, and mozzarella stick critic.

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