2021 Accomplishments and Highlights

photo of nimbus clouds

Every year I feel it’s always important to look back at the past and reflect upon it. Each year is filled with so much, it’s sometimes hard to remember all of the ups you’ve had, especially when the not-so-good stuff weigh down the positivity. Thankfully, this year I’ve ended up documenting just about every good […]

Wordle – The Viral Word Guessing Game

Recently a word guessing game called Wordle started to go viral among my friend circle and across the internet. Wordle is a game where you get 6 attempts to guess a word with the twist that everybody is trying to guess the same word each day. When you solve (or don’t) you’re also given a […]

My Yearly “I Should Write More” Post

person holding blue ballpoint pen writing in notebook

It’s the day before Christmas Eve and I just wrapped up my yearly ritual of cleaning and updating of my websites. Turns out, even if you don’t update your blog more than a few times a year, you can still always feel inspired to make updates to it for when you find the motivation in […]

Happy 5 Years, Petricore!

A few days ago on May 5th, 2020, Petricore, Inc. turned five years ago. You may be wondering, who the heck is this Petricore, I’ve never heard of them! Petricore is an independent game development startup located in Worcester, Massachusetts, an area which I called home for many years. The company was founded by Ryan […]