This weekend I participated in the Bacon Game Jam, an unofficial Reddit community game jam, however it slowly is growing beyond just Reddit.

For this year’s Bacon Game Jam, the theme was “Millions of Them” and I decided to work with a friend on campus, Jacob Peltola, on the game. We both split the programming work, and he also did the art and sound effects.

The game we made is Bacon Duel.


Bacon Duel is a arcade styled game inspired by the classic game Pong. In the game, you are moving your bacon paddle up and down trying to block the incoming eggs and score them in your opponent’s goal. Eggs spawn quickly, and can quickly crack and spew egg yolk everywhere!

For the most part, the game is Pong with many balls (eggs) on screen at once. The game can get pretty exciting at times when there are eggs everywhere cracking all over the screen.

Throughout the weekend, we ended up working on the project on and off throughout the 48 hours we were given for the game jam. We ended up finishing just about on time and spent the remaining extra time to quickly fix up any bugs we didn’t notice before.

Another thing we did for this game jam is that we utilized GitHub for our source control. You can go on GitHub right now and check out the game project files, and see our great (not really) coding!


During the development of the game, we did think that the game might end up playing well on mobile phones and tablets as a fun competitive local multiplayer game. We’re currently thinking about¬†releasing our Bacon Game Jam project on iOS and Android, once we learn about having multiple touch inputs working in Unity.

Because of this, you can follow the development of it on GitHub as we progress getting touch input to work! Head on over to the GitHub page now!

If you’d like to play Bacon Duel, or Bacon Pong, whichever we’re going to end up calling it, head on over to the Bacon Duel page on my website. It’s currently running in the Unity Web Player.

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Also, you can follow me on Twitter at @Nick_Mudry, and follow Jacob at @Jtpup0.

Thanks for reading and checking out our game!