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Several years of games industry marketing and product management experience across AAA and independent games. My goal is to cultivate and grow a positive community of players for the games I work on by utilizing my skills spanning product management and marketing.

Achievements & Milestones

  • Shipped Amplitude and Harmonix Music VR as the Publishing Lead / Product Manager. Shipped and supported over 10 games across all platforms (console, mobile, PC, and VR).
  • Lead community and social for Rock Band, DropMix, Super Beat Sports, SingSpace, and the Harmonix brand.
  • Supported the release of 300+ songs and several game updates for Rock Band with social and community efforts.
  • Grew monthly revenue for Harmonix’s growing back catalog of titles by establishing a successful multi-year pricing and promotion strategy. This strategy has been adopted and is now used for our current titles to increase lifetime revenue.
  • Established a new and revised live streaming strategy to increase viewership, engagement, and time watched.
  • Managed a program to increase player advocacy and overall interest in the second season of DropMix content.
  • Developed a new process to track the marketing team’s KPIs across all channels, and created dashboards to increase visibility of our team’s performance amongst the entire team and company.

Games Shipped

The following is a list of the games that I have shipped throughout my career. Click the box art to learn more about that game! 

Selected Experience

Associate Community Manager - Harmonix

August 2017 – Present

Community Manager for all Harmonix  projects: Rock Band Rivals (Xbox One, PS4), DropMix, Super Beat Sports (Nintendo Switch), SingSpace (Gear VR, Oculus Go), and more. 

  • Worked with the Director of Communications to establish the community, social, and live stream strategy across all Harmonix games with a focus on increasing engagement, viewership/impressions, and a positive return on the resources and time invested.
  • Built relationships with key community members (influencers, content creators, super users, etc.) to keep them active, engaged, and advocates for our titles.
  • Managed the content calendar across all games and channels. Ensured no gaps or overlaps between beats.
  • Oversaw internal and external social content creation, review, and approvals process between project stakeholders, marketing, music, legal, and external partners.
  • Analyzed and reported on social, community, livestream, and player metrics for all games and channels to project and company leadership on a weekly basis. Established a new and effective reporting process, identified and tracked KPIs to measure success, and built dashboards to increase overall visibility.
  • Frequent host and co-producer for weekly live streams on Twitch, Facebook Live, and Mixer. Created detailed proposals for new shows and programs, in addition to run of shows and performance reports for each stream.
  • Established and enforced rules, code of conduct, and a moderation team for our Discord and Reddit channels. 

Associate Product Manager - Harmonix

August 2015 – August 2017

Product Manager / Publishing lead for Amplitude (PS4/PS3) and Harmonix Music VR (PlayStation VR). Assisted with Rock Band Rivals (Xbox One, PS4) and Rock Band VR (Oculus RIft).

  • Responsible for the P&L, budget, and sales forecasting for Amplitude, Harmonix Music VR, and Rock Band VR.
  • Managed Harmonix’s legacy & back catalog of titles and DLC. Planned and executed on a successful multi-year strategy to increase revenue and player activity for these titles.
  • Tracked in-game activity for all Rock Band titles, past and present. Built and managed reports using a mix of SQL queries against a MongoDB database, and visual reporting in Tableau, DeltaDNA, Mix Panel, and Localytics.
  • Developed and executed on the entire product and marketing strategy for Amplitude and Harmonix Music VR. Maintained a strong relationship with first party for top-tier support and promotional opportunities, and drove additional marketing with support from our internal marketing team.
  • Reported on sales activity and trends for all Harmonix titles (legacy and present) on a weekly and monthly basis to product leadership and senior management.
  • Managed messaging and social media channels for Amplitude and Harmonix both proactively and reactively.  
  • Worked directly with first parties to ensure we were meeting platform spec and that our games would ship on time.

Publishing Associate - Harmonix

May 2015 – August 2015

Brought onto the team as an intern to assist with the Amplitude Kickstarter campaign. Quickly converted to be full time as a Publishing Associate for all active projects.

  • Created content for ~14k backers of the Amplitude Kickstarter campaign including backer updates, behind the scenes videos, and more. 
  • Handled customer support for the Kickstarter campaign and other active Harmonix projects. 
  • Coordinated internally and with external fulfillment vendors to create backer rewards. 
  • Worked with the Product Manager and marketing team to brainstorm and schedule content for both Kickstarter backers and Harmonix’s fan base. 
  • Planned for, executed on, and represented the company at industry events including VidCon, PAX Prime, press tours, and more. 
  • Created media assets, gameplay videos, screenshots, etc. for use at trade shows, in web content, and in press kits.
  • Ran playtest sessions for Amplitude to gather feedback from both hardcore fans and new players to the franchise. 
  • Assisted with live streams, either by being on camera showcasing our games, or by moderating the chat and engaging with our fans off camera.

Communications Manager - Earplay, Inc.

August 2013 – January 2015

Worked on Codename Cygnus, an interactive radio drama that provides players with a speech-operated experience of voiceover performance, sfx, and more. 

  • Lead public relations efforts by creating and executing on a marketing plan. 
  • Created and distributed email marketing campaigns to our fans to relay the latest information about our games & the company.
  • Constant engagement with our fans & players through social media, comments, forums and email.
  • Assisted with customer support via email & social media. 
  • Represented the company at trade show events to gain exposure. 

Co-Founder, Creative Director - Play Nimbus

October 2012 – April 2014

I founded Play Nimbus during my freshman year of College and was the producer, marketing and public relations lead, as well as creative director. We shipped our first game, Wobbles, for iOS and Android at the end of 2013 and worked on several additional concepts and pitches for consoles, PC, and Twitch between 2013 and 2015. 

  • Kept the team and projects on task through Agile & Scrum project management.
  • Created and executed on a marketing plan to acquire coverage for our games in top tier media outlets. 
  • Wrote and maintained detailed game design documents.
  • Maintained an active web presence for the company and our games through blogs and social media.
  • Drafted and distributed several press releases and press kits to mobile gaming outlets and journalists, and local Massachusetts news teams.
  • Handled business relations with other game developers, middleware companies, and publishers. 
  • Designed levels and gameplay content for our games. 

Volunteer Experience

Judge and Industry Mentor - Mass DiGI

March 2017 – Present

Judge for the annual Mass DiGI Game Challenge, a one-of-a-kind pitch competition and event that helps aspiring game developers launch new games. I provide feedback and criticism as it relates to the publishing side of their pitches to high school students, college students, and indie developers.

Additionally I provide feedback and mentorship to students and aspiring game developers throughout the year and during Mass DiGI’s Summer Innovation Program.

Co-Founder - Woo! Game Pile

February 2015 – May 2016

The Worcester Game Pile is a collaborative of game development studios in central MA, to encourage growth and camaraderie in the Massachusetts game industry.

I helped plan and run events, worked on our relations with game developers in central MA, managed our website and social media, and did whatever else needed to be done to keep the Game Pile moving forward!

PAX East Booth Assistant - Devolver Digital

March 2015

I helped Devolver Digital with their booth at PAX East 2015 as a booth assistant/personal assistant. My role included making sure everything was running smoothly and anything that needed to be taken care of, was taken care of. 

Worked at the main Devolver Digital booth, the Gambitious Booth, and several other booths in the Indie Megabooth during the four day weekend for PAX East.

Additional Skills


  • Social Media Management
  • Copy Writing / Editing
  • Live Stream & Video Production
  • Customer Support
  • Event Management

Product Management

  • Project P&Ls and Budgets
  • Product Requirement Docs
  • Analytics, KPIs, etc.


  • Unity Game Engine
  • C#
  • HTML / CSS
  • PHP / MySQL
  • WordPress


Available upon request. 

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