Originally appeared on a very old blog of mine, which no longer exists. 

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything. The main reason being that I have been so tied up with college, working on StickSkills.com and just my social life. A lot of people have asked me why I’ve been so quiet lately, and I feel it’s time to answer that with a new blog post, to kick off my “new beginning.”

So what’s up?

This isn’t an easy question to answer, but let’s get started. Half way through the summer, I left my job at Xitol Softworks as their Public Relations and Community Director. While it was a tough choice for me, I am very happy I did so. I have no harsh words towards any of the team at Xitol, they are all amazing people who are extremely passionate about the universe they are sculpting. But why would I be so happy about leaving such a great team? The answer is college.

College isn’t easy, and I’m lucky I forecasted this ahead of time. While my classes are quick, the work outside does pile up if you don’t put them as a priority in life. Writing an essay or two a week, working on a project here and there, etc can become tedious as you try to juggle anything beyond that.

Of course, after being here for almost two months (gosh, time flies!), I have found balance with my work. I’ve been able to make some great new friends which will probably be with me for the rest of my life and even work on a few awesome projects, which I’ll get to next…

What I’m Doing Now

Now that I’m settled in and can properly manage my time without killing myself with work, I have taken on the responsibility of managing StickSkills.com’s community and even a new project which I am working on talking about further down the line. I’ve been in talks with some awesome people and this project is starting to take some great shape. I don’t want to talk about anything until it becomes official official, but just stay tuned for more info.

I am also working at trying to keep a blog updated. Not 100% set on a reason why, but mainly to give me a place to vent, rant, and talk. I don’t care much if people decide to read it or not, it just keeps me sane when I have a place to write and share some awesome content, quickly. That’s why I’ve chose tumblr as my host for a blog due to their ability to quickly share things I find cool. As a side note, I’m still writing for StickSkills, so no need to worry about me not putting anything back into there! 😉

Infinity and Beyond!

To end this, I just want to talk about the future. Where do I see myself in 10 years? Maybe 5 years? Hell, maybe even tomorrow. The true answer is that I do not know where tomorrow will bring me. Does anyone? Hell, today a lot of awesome things happened that I didn’t expect. I know where I want to go, what I want to do, but I just need to find the right train to take me there, and who knows, maybe I’ll get off early and head somewhere else at some point? Life is just interesting like that.

Of course, I do know that I am going to PAX East as tickets went on sale today. I’m even staying in the Westin Waterfront, attached to the convention center. How fucking awesome is that?! If you’re going, lemme know. PAX is going to be awesome, and you know it. It always is.

Anyways, this was all fun to write, and now I must stop. You all know where to catch me, either on Twitter (@AngryFacing), Facebook, YouTube, email, etc. If you have any questions, there’s a button to ask me anything (AMA) on this page, feel free to click it and I’ll answer you.

Until next time I write, see ya! >:D