Last weekend, I helped coordinate and run the first ever 3 Hour Game Jam on campus here at college.

When we kicked off the jam, we randomly picked the theme out of a virtual hat (a game jam theme website), and that theme happened to be “Bullet Time.”

Game Concept

At first, when I originally showed up to the game jam, I planned on making a game that used some sort of microphone or audio input. I had already been experimenting with a plugin I found on the Unity Asset Store that accepted a microphone input, so I decided to use it!

At first, I wanted to make a shooter using my guitar, which I brought with me. I was going to try and create a shooter using different notes on the guitar. Unfortunately, something happened with my guitar cord’s audio drivers and it didn’t work at the game jam.

Instead, I decided to use my laptop’s microphone and build a game where time slows down when you’re quiet, and speeds up when you’re loud.


vocal-time-unity-3dSince it was a three hour game jam, I spent three hours building this game, excluding any time I may have spent going to the bathroom, walking around briefly taking pictures for Becker IGDA, or just chatting with other people at the event.

I built the game in Unity 3D, like many other people at the game jam. I also used a plugin which I found on the Unity Asset Store a few days prior called Mic Control.

Currently, the project files are available on GitHub for anyone interested in playing around with my code and modifying it further.

Play It Now!

You can currently play Vocal Time (currently a temporary title until I come up with a better name for it) here on my website using the Unity Web Player.

I found out that I can use the plugin I used on mobile devices, so I’m going to be experimenting with it a bit and see if I can work on the game for a little longer, polish it up, and ship it!

Until Next Time

That wraps up my small update on my latest game development project, Vocal Time. If the game sounds interesting, I hope you tried it out in your browser!

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Thanks again for reading!