Yesterday I put up a recap / personal reflection of my 2013. With the year being as crazy and awesome as it was, I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings me. That being said, I have created a few goals for myself in 2014:

Make more games, and ship some of them too:

In 2013, I officially shipped two games, Wobbles and Codename Cygnus. On top of those, I worked on several side game projects such as Ball 2 Box, Paranoia, and a few other games. My goal for 2013 is to at least meet a goal of shipping two games, and maybe at least doubling that to four. I already have Sovereignty which will officially ship next year, and have a few others planned, so we’ll see how that goes!

As for side projects for games, I want to participate in every game jam I can this year. I have some plans for the Global Game Jam, and Ludum Dares are bound to pop up. There’s also a /r/gamedev game jam with some rediculous, but awesome name, on Reddit if I remember right.

Ultimately, building my game development & design skills is a must do for me this year.

Pursue a full-time marketing, public relations, and/or community manager job:

Currently, I am working in my free time with Reactive Studios as their Communications Director, helping out where needed with press releases, public relations & community management.

This is a stretch, but in 2014, I want to actively pursue getting a full time marketing, public relations, and/or community manager job with a game developer/publisher, entertainment company, or even a firm. As I said, it’s a huge stretch, especially with what position I am currently in, and the amount of experience I personally think I’ll need. There’s still a chance something like this can happen, and I want to make it happen if things fall in the right spot.

Increase my web development & design skills:

Way back when, I used to actively design websites. They weren’t the best websites by any means, and were purely HTML & some PHP. Since then, the web’s standards have changed with HTML 5, CSS (which existed back then, but I didn’t know about), and things like Ruby on Rails.

I want to challenge myself to create at least one “modern” web design this year. I have a few small web projects to go along with this design, so I believe that the more I work towards it, the more successful I’ll be at designing a great website design.

Read more books:

All through elementary school, middle school, and high school I was a kid who disliked reading. I would blow off a lot of book reports until the last moment and barely read the book. It wasn’t until just recently where I really started to enjoy reading. I’ve picked up many great ebooks on Amazon for my iPad and have learned a lot from them.

I want to push myself to read a lot of new books this year.

Keep my blog updated:

I have a tendency of starting a blog or website, get a post up and forget about it. I really want this to change and I want to keep my blog updated as often as I can. I have a goal of 1 post a week, but would like to eventually go beyond that.

I also want to create helpful content revolving around game development & design, and marketing/pr/community management. Can I do 52 posts for 2014? We’ll see!

… and that’s it! Those are my goals & new years resolutions for 2014! I personally believe I can achieve a great majority of these, however we’ll see!